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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by the American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. Dropbox was founded in 2007 by MIT students Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi as a startup company, with initial funding from seed accelerator Y Combinator.Dropbox has been ranked as one of the most valuable startups in the US and the world, with a valuation of over US$10 billion, and it has been described as one of Y Combinator's most successful investments to date.

They make it nearly impossible to permanently remove your data via zip file and downgrade. Their whole intent is to over bill you and hope you will not realize it!

A customer had this review about ridiculous Dropbox services, "I couldn't get done with what I intended to use Dropbox for on a business account due to all the glitches and confusing way it's designed, so I never really used it. Got a notice of a $799.50 charge that I didn't want and was unaware it would renew for full year when the norm using other apps is a monthly subscription.This sting tactic although legal is unethical and bad business. Taking that amount of money unannounced and on short notice at a time when it's needed for more pressing family maters is UNETHICAL! Their refund policy is nonexistent, as well as their customer service. Buyer beware!"


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"You are not an equal human being. Nevermind different rules for different people. If you work in customer support you are the scum of the earth. There is no experience quite like the treatment you receive from management for simply existing. I wouldn't recommend a job in Dropbox to my worst enemy. Managers can't do their jobs. Inexperienced children desperate to pass blame. The place is full of sexism, homophobia and racism. So watch out for the Virtue signalling. They don't care."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- They talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk - Ivory tower product review mentality with no appetite for experimentation - They personify the negative stereotypes of tech elitism - They over-estimate their product value and market position - No work-life balance, especially if you have kids; the culture is mostly young people recently out of school (0-2 yrs of work experience) - They don’t balance qualitative and quantitative analytics in their strategic rationale (skewed toward quantitative only) - High attrition in certain groups - A lot of the free stuff they throw at you is a manipulation to keep you onsite and working"

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"We appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review! We pride ourselves on the opportunities we provide by promoting from within and the continuous training and education we provide our new leaders, like New Leads Classroom Training Program. We are continuously learning, growing and evolving as a company and welcome your constructive feedback. If you’re open to it, pease reach out to us to discuss your concerns more specifically at talent-feedback@dropbox.com. We know there’s room to grow, and a huge opportunity to make the world work better, so we’re excited about the road and your continued partnership with us!"

Current Employee - Research says

"1. Poor leadership; director+ are indecisive, lack vision, and risk averse. 2. Lack customer centric thinking; Nothing the company has built or is currently doing is grounded in customer needs. As a result, you have a stale company and flatlining user-base. If you have a choice between DBX or another established tech company, save yourself the headache and choose anywhere but here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"We’re sorry to hear about your experience with your manager at Dropbox. Our intention is to take good care of our employees, so they can focus on what matters. We also take feedback seriously, and use it to improve the working environment for everyone, so our sincerest apologies that that was not the case for you. I have passed on your feedback to the Global HRBPs, so they can further look into the issue, so it can be improved moving forward. If there’s anything else you’d be interested in sharing please feel free to reach out to talent-feedback@dropbox.com."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review and share your thoughts. It’s unfortunate to hear that you witnessed people’s opinions not being valued. At Dropbox, we definitely value feedback, and see it as a gift. Our leadership team is committed to getting feedback and opinions from everyone and are actively working to encourage people to offer feedback both immediately and frequently. It may not change overnight, but it is something that we are working on. If you have any suggestions feel free to reach out at talent-feedback@dropbox.com."

HR (Former Employee) says

"Great company for young adults.Good food, nice office. People could be more humble but most are nice.That is all I can provide at this point. I hope it helped."

Prep Cook/Line Cook/Server/Lead Cook (Former Employee) says

"Dropbox is a stagnant and septic environment filled with people who only care about themselves. Whether you’re an actual Dropboxer or a member of the kitchen staff hired out by Acrobat outsourcing, you will be treated like a second rate citizen at best! The people that work here are entitled and self-absorbed. It is not a place to work if you value courtesy, equality, and a sense of family! Period!Free meal.Absolutely everything else"

Rather not say (Former Employee) says

"The company doesn't walk the talk. They say all the right things during the interview process and have a very welcoming on-boarding; however, once within the company too many legacy people have control that limits change, scale and growth. I have seen many people, especially senior level, come in eager and excited only to be told not to overstep in areas that are cross functional in nature. The very people meant to move the business forward are the ones that are holding it back. Governance, controls and standards are needed but resisted by those that are abusing the level of their authority and the co-founders are so blind to it all."

Enterprise Sales Manager (Current Employee) says

"Dropbox is a great company, but with the addition on a new VP, it's becoming a nightmare. She changed the dynamics and make it hard to bare. I think when they omit her, things will get better.Food and peersNew leadership is TERRIBLE. People are leaving rapidly."

Accounts Payable Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Not a lot of opportunities for contractors working at Dropbox HQ. Company seems to hired workforce out of the country and less opportunities USA wkrs.Great company perks such as free mealsLock of full time opportunities for contractos at Dropbox"

Channel Partner Account Manager (Current Employee) says

"While Dropbox tries to maintain a positive culture for the people, the management is living in the cloud without a sense of direction. They change direction multiple times then blame the employee for not attaining results. They don't truly care about the people and take the time to listen to them.amazing foodno direction, not caring about the customer, "we are the best" mentality with no remorse for reality of businesses"

Security Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The perks of the job are way better than the job itself. Being security there can be boring if you're not the favorite of the supervisor. Work loads are Not evenly distributed. There's no room for advancement and no guarantees to anything promised. But the Benefits are awesome and its definitely worth it not having to buy or bring lunch everyday.Free meals, snacks, and computer accessories, healthcare, pay rateshort breaks, if at all"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Opportunities for Advancement were very limited. Management was young and largely unable to help develop talent. Food perks and benefits were the highlight of the experience.Free foodlearning and advancment"

Business role (Former Employee) says

"Dropbox is a decade old "startup" that has yet to make a clear profit. Benefits and pay are competitive for SF. Workloads are high as many people leaders are not competent at managing others. The most enjoyable part of the job is working with smart people. The hardest part of the job is taking some executives seriously that have no business managing other people. The HBO series "Silicon Valley" should do a future season based on this company.CompensationHyper PC culture"

Service Desk Associate (Former Employee) says

"No room for growth, they promise something and never follow through, managers are always on top of you. would not recommend working there, if you management always on top of you its fine."

Recruiter (Current Employee) says

"I was ridiculously excited to start working here as I've been a fan of the company for a long time. As the months wore on, it became painfully clear that the leadership was severely lacking in knowing how to properly execute the running of a company. They are great with building the product, and the product itself is much better than the current competition, but without the leadership in place I fear that the competition will quickly be able to surpass us in our overall goals. Management is inexperienced, young and so sure in their abilities that they think things are fine the way that they are. Most of the management in place has grown with the company, so they are young and have never really worked outside of Dropbox or any company larger than 1,000 people. This seeps out in the disorganization across the orgs and in being able to hire the right talent.Free lunches & snacks, gym onsite in SF, great benefitsDisorganized & ineffective management/leadership"

Finance (Current Employee) says

"If you don't have any kids or commitment to family life, this place is perfect for you: free breakfast, lunch, and dinner, in exchange for pouring in hours of hard work with little to no recognition.free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sweatshirtslong hours, clique-culture"

Enterprise Account Manager (Former Employee) says

"Dropbox is a great company with many perks and a lot of smart people. Middle management is relatively young and inexperienced. Enterprise sales strategy is evolving and as a result compensation and quotas may not necessarily be realistic. The majority of revenue is generated via direct to consumer marketing efforts and enterprise sales doesn't receive the same attention.Free food. Great onsite chef in San Francisco HQ.Young managers."

dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"I witnessed a level of teamwork at Dropbox that set the standard pretty high for me in future work settings! Like any job, one learns to move WITH the people in the workplace, and not COUNTER to them.They feed you good at Dropbox!...depends on how one takes things..."

Operations Associate (Former Employee) says

"Dropbox was a fun company to work for pre-IPO because the company would invest with the employees. Happy hour on Fridays are always fun. After IPO the culture at Dropbox seemed lost.Food"

Summer intern (Former Employee) says

"really liked the culture and the people i worked with, only thing is the dublin office is just one big sales office whcih does not offer any challenging roles"


"HORRIBLE NO FILE INFO like date, modifications, doesn\'t sync correctly if at all -- it has gone into the total P.O.S. realm and creates ever more friction for long time customers. PLEASE recommend something better. it is worthless now."

Peter Cramer says

"They will trick you into an upfront annual subscription and then disappear when you attempt to dispute it. They are simply the most unethical company you will ever deal with."

Bob Bennett says

"I have subscribed to Dropbox since they first appeared on the scene. I recommended them to many and, although there have been some bumps, they seemed to have worked them out. However, in the past couple of years and weeks, they have pulled the biggest blunder and turned me against them. A little more than 3 years ago, I helped test and then they introduced showcase and since I helped test, I was told I wouldn’t have to pay the premium (I was a Plus subscriber). A few months later, they charged my account for Pro anyway and wouldn’t back down on it. But they’d gotten me using Showcase and publishing links to it, so I had to let them. So they’ve been charging me double the price agreed to for about two years now, but I’d published the Showcase links to multiple organizations, so it would cause a lot of work and embarrassment to pull them back or change them so I stayed. So now, Dropbox completely drops Showcase with only a few weeks notice. They refuse to even grandfather the existing links and pages, and also said they can’t refund the extra charge for the Pro, but they’ve added premium features (useless to me). When I do downgrade, the price of the Plus plan has been cranked during this time, so that will cost more also. While the unannounced and unexpected extra charges were bad enough, the real problem is that they have now shown themselves to be unreliable, and that’s the worst part. As a paying subscriber, I used features they promoted in a way that they promoted them to be used, paid for the features, then they dropped them with little notice. Very sad for the company. I think they’ll be going out of business with such practices and I’ll be looking for other services now."

Greg Bradley says

"Terrible software, not user friendly, terrible to try and get money back."

Celeste Isabel says

"Signed up for a free trial and 2 months later checked my bank account and 115 euro had been taken."

Nasser Al-Ismaily says

"I was relying on dropbox for my photos, until one day, the entire folder was gone When I contacted customer service to enquire, on chat, they wont even listen to what I was saying, they only insisted that its not their fault. No matter what I said, they just wont have it. So, yea, no more dropbox for me, never"

helen chung says

"Dropbox customer service used to be available at least 48 hrs after you wrote to them via creating a ticket. Now there is absolutely no support to contact, you have to spend hours reading irrelevant feeds to answer your question, and still not find a solution that only the dropbox techs should know to answer. Their support basically doesn't exist, except for the paid users. The files are not syncing as they should in btwn 2 computers and I even had a case where two files that were going to two different people got crossed. That's unacceptable mal-function! The community help is a waste of time, unless you have simple questions. They should have the kind of support (which was pretty minimal) available again. It's a shame! I'm going to look for other transfering app, as it costs less to have our own external HDs for disc space."

LE says

"Paid a year upfront for a subscription. Found it did not meet my needs a few days later. Closed account. Dropbox has refused to refund and gone out of their way to manipulate the refund via PayPal to then make it hard to open a chargeback. I'm contacting my bank to push this chargeback through today. ps, contacting their support is hard by design. They dont want to help."

Mr Tim Harrison says

"I've lost all of my documents from my desktop thanks to Dropbox. And most of them were not on Dropbox despite having been "backed up". Many of the folders on Dropbox were empty! I've spent hours trying to reinstate my machine. There are project files missing which cannot be replaced and will cost me dearly in missed work opportunities. I can't express enough how much I hate and despise this company. Once it's on your hard drive, Dropbox never lets go of your files. I have closed my paid for account but it remains to be seen if they stop taking payments. How on earth does this company still exist!"

Terry says

"Very expensive for what you get. The business plans are borderline scams. The upload is VERY unreliable for people with slow internet connection on my team. Including VAT, they wanted to charge around $2000/year for my small team to use the service for the most basic business model. Go to cloud and get a better service for 5% of the cost. Please do it."

kathy says

"Terrible! Don’t do the free trial- it’s not free. They make it impossibly hard to cancel so you can’t get the money back.Total scam!"

Frog My says

"Outrageous! I’ve cancelled my account since May, still being charged and have everything even dejecting the account. Nothing seems to work! Never had a problem cancelling subscription before l"

Roy Sanders says

"I wish I had never heard of Dropbox. I downloaded it to receive files from my software company. Automatically synced my entire computer and all of my documents disappeared. They are not on my computer or dropbox. Has messed with all of my companies software and been a complete nightmare. Support keeps giving me the runaround. Complete trash program. It has been 2 days and I still do not have any of my files."

Sue Foster says

"The customer service is truly non-existent. I paid monthly for a Pro account, but was only able to sign into a Basic account. I tried numerous times to get help and spoke to some nice people - who couldn't help me as they didn't work in that department. Every time I signed in, I showed as a Basic account which gets me zero support. I can't even cancel the account that I am paying for..."

Rachael Evans says

"They auto renew without notification and charged 20% more than the advertised rive. When I contacted support about it they told me that they cannot help as they only do technical support and it's against policy. I have an Microsoft 365 account with 1TB of storage, time to migrate and walk away from this crowd."

Ginger says

"I have used Dropbox for years. It used to be great with quick customer support. Recently I reset my computer and installed the app again. I was shocked when I saw a message that I had gone from 1 TB to 2 TB over night. I searched for solutions on their website but couldn't find anything so I emailed customer support for help only to get a copy and paste of the exact same instructions I told them I had already followed to no avail. I emailed Dropbox again over 24 hours & still nothing. After my experience & reading the other recent complaints I'm canceling."

Joseph Whatley says

"There is no live support and they do NOT care to get you held on the chat line. Fill in a ticket and wait. So your busines had better not be on hold cause it drags out................."

customer says

"I used to love Dropbox, recommended it to everyone, then suddenly my photos weren't uploading. I got all sorts of explanations from the Help desk but nothing that worked. I'm downloading everything today and closing my account. I have lost some priceless photos."

Henrik Stougaard Nielsen says

"I used Dropbox when it first launched and was the first real innovator in the cloud storage market that has emerged since. Suddenly their focus changed to a enterprise focus and their prices skyrocketed. I then immediately changed to something better a decade ago. Their service now seems to be much better than the alternatives - although it is a shame how plans are immediately downgraded when you cancel them - and they are still too expensive."

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